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Mirages of Winter is a poem about the arrival of spring.

It follows a fisherman living in an island during winter; living a simple life together with nature. By following the fisherman’s footsteps, the hidden beauty of winter will uncover and new paths towards spring will open.


In summer of 2014, Martin Goldschmid made an intriguing, yet beautiful ink painting of a fisherman on a boat catching a fish. Thus, Mirages of Winter took its first step. The idea was to create an adventure and a meaningful game; like a poem you share with others.

It took a year to transform this very idea into a short interactive story. From the start, the artistic direction was to create a world that is like a living painting. After months of much experimentation, the approach chosen was the simplest: make the game just like one would face a blank canvas. By layering thousands of digital brush strokes an amazing 3D landscape is formed; a rich scenery with rocks, water and life; an island with the depth of an ink painting.

In June 2017 the studio Mirari Games was funded and the production of Mirages of Winter officially started.


  • A true immersive adventure experience for mobile devices

  • A voyage through a beautiful island and hand-painted sceneries

  • Charming poems about the winter season

  • Meditative and soothing puzzles inspired by nature

  • Cute animals, mysterious islanders and cosmic creatures





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The studio Mirari Games

Mirari Games is an independent game studio based in Paris created by the French painter Martin Goldschmid. The vision of the studio is to create ultra immersive artistic games.
We are currently working on our first game Mirages of Winter, which will be the beginning of a new adventure series for mobile devices. Each game in the series will follow the journey of one season to the next


For press inqueries, please contact us at press@mirarigames.com and if you just want to get in touch, contact us at info@mirarigames.com