Mirari Games

Mirari Games

Mirari Games is an independent game studio based in Paris. We create poetic and artistic adventure games.
We are currently working on our first and upcoming mobile game Mirages of Winter. It will be the beginning of the Mirages series and each game will follow the journey of one season to the next.




Mirages of Winter is a poem about the arrival of spring.

It follows a fisherman living in an island during winter; living a simple life together with nature. By following the fisherman’s footsteps, the hidden beauty of winter will uncover and new paths towards spring will open.


The game is coming soon on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Mirages of winter Indie Mega Booth PAX East 2019.jpg
Mirages Of Winter - Splash Screen No Title.jpg

“A deserted island covered in snow, far away a fisherman on the shore.

Soon spring will be here. Revel in the beauty of winter.”