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If you're interested, please email us at job@mirarigames.com

Unity C# Programmer

We are in the last stage of development for the project Islands. There are a few remaining gameplay features and we are looking for someone to help us create these. 

The ideal candidate is someone who has a good understanding of c#, Unity, the mobile game development pipeline, a keen eye and the passion to create an artsy adventure game. 

This is a full-time contract.

->>  You can check the job description in French here and in English there  <<-

2D Animator Intern

We are looking for someone in Paris who has good animation skills and a fearless desire to animate all the static things that he sees to help us transform the game world into a living microcosm.

->>  You can check the internship description in French here  <<-

Game developer Unity C# Intern

We need someone in Paris who loves making games in C# and Unity.

->>  You can check the internship description in French here  <<-