Mirari Games



A new beginning


Hello Everyone,

We are glad to announce the beginning of the Mirages game series - a poetic adventure that will be coming to iPhone, iPad and Android.

Mirages Of Winter - The Yin and The Yang

The journey starts with the creation of the universe. Sometimes in Chinese arts, it is represented by a white circle. In it, there is the flow of Nature which is symbolised by the movement of the clouds and the danse between The Yin and the Yang.

The black and the white meet in the middle but they disappear before they touch each other. This is an illustration that is telling us that there is no darkness without light, and no fullness without emptiness.

The game world is a beautiful breathing place with imaginary islands, islanders and fantastical creatures. It took us 5 years to create the foundations of world of Mirages. It is growing and we hope it will be ready soon to welcome you in it.


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